DC´s 2017 Trend #1 Renewables & impact in Micro & Edge computing growth

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I am ready for my electric car -as you can see- so what will happen with all renewable wave? Willbe stop in USA? or will the business continue?

In any case more and more devices will be ON / IN the streets, that information is now named BIG DATA, but it is a "raw" information that need to be "analyse" and use where it make more sense; so most of the times this info will be needed in the "EDGE"  and the computing is now going to the border.

For solving this some companies will need computing capability near the street in mDCs but does the renewable energies worth to be use by those tiny DCs?

Well let say that this kind of DC could have a electric load let say 10-12kW/h  can a renewable + battery set be enough for supply energy?

As technical development on those generation equipment has overcome realibility, sustainability, availability in cellular mobile site´s, this could be a way to reduce TCO for this investment in DCs industry

 Resultado de imagen para tesla energy storage equipment images   Or what do you think?

roberto sasnchez, PE, RCDD, ACx


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